I made a cool video of the angiosperm life cycle!

As I have previously mentioned, I have been working as a TA for BIS2C (an intro bio course covering basic phylogenetics and the diversity of life) at UC Davis for a number of years now. To help our students master some of the more complex topics in the course, Joel Ledford, the course coordinator, has been producing short videos about specific subjects. Over the summer, I contributed to that effort by writing and recording this video on angiosperm life cycles. Here’s a screenshot from the video:


The filming was done in the video recording studio at the UC Davis College of Biological Sciences. I drew out the diagram on a large piece of glass, writing as I normally would on a classroom whiteboard. After filming, camtasia was used to adjust colors, crop the image, and finally flip the image (this is why it looks like I must have be writing backwards and with my left hand).


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