The purpose of this blog is to document my experiences while striving to become a college teacher. The process of becoming a college teacher is much less clear cut than that for becoming a K-12 teacher.  The “basic” steps are that you 1) obtain an advanced degree in your subject area, 2) become a great teacher, and 3) find a job. My efforts to complete the second and third steps are the subject of this blog. Unlike getting a degree from my graduate program, there are no explicit requirements that a person can complete to become a great college teacher. In order to try to improve my skills, I have:

  1. Read books about college teaching and education
  2. Learned about the science of education through reading the primary literature
  3. Interviewed people that are further along this career path than me
  4. Learned how to use classroom technologies that are deployed at UC Davis
  5. Attended workshops on teaching
  6. Participated in a teaching internship program at the Los Rios Community College District
  7. Gained experience leading classes by teaching as an adjunct at American River College

I have been documenting my experiences in each of these areas, in hopes that other people with similar interests will be able to benefit from my reviews of different resources and activities. I hope that you enjoy reading the blog and ask that you not hesitate to make suggestions about topics you would like to see covered here.

Geoff Benn, Ph.D.


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